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Under the background of developing the big commercial aircraft in China, high quality aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, heat resistant materials of either wrought super alloy or PM alloy, and composites are requested by the structure and the propulsion of aircraft manufacturing in China.  High standard heat treatment processes under aerospace specification is substantial to perform these materials on the demand of strength, fatigue, heat resistance and so on. 

The materials used to manufacture engine components are lighter, stronger and can tolerate harsher service environments. Unique manufacturing processes that reduce waste and cost are being used to fabricate these components.

The gas turbine engines of today’s aircraft are required to run at higher temperatures and with greater efficiency, yet meet the demands for longer time between overhauls and reduced maintenance costs.While surface treatment have long been employed as key elements of gas turbine engines, new coating materials can withstand higher temperatures, and improve overall operating efficiency. For airframe components including landing gear system, traditional plating is increasingly replaced by environmentally friendly processess

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