LPW® Precision Cleaning




  • compact and space-saving design to enable integration in existing processes.

  • high availability of entire system by use of standard components as well as tried and tested standard operations.

  • configured for high residual dirt requirements.

  • optimized process layout for effective reduction of media carry-over.

  • drying takes place with unsaturated and fully filtrated air. 

  • 2-fold full-flow filtration.

Further, added value for everyday use in production can be achieved, together with the user, due to the modular character of the PowerJet series:

  • basic modules with extension and upgrade option.

  • ensuring energy-efficient operation and capacity-dependent expandability. 

  • possibility to split all the processes into single units to reduce the risk of breakdown and to avoid the classical bottleneck effect.

LPW® Precision Cleaning