Pyradia® Light Alloy Heat Treatment




  • Solution for Magnesium

  • c/w CO2 atmosphere

  • Furnace designing respect SAE – AMS2768A standards


  • Load transfer from furnace to quench tank very quickly

  • Gastight retort with turbine and gas-convection cylinder

  • Less ground space necessary due to a very compact construction

  • The equipment offered features rugged construction and heavy industrial quality in every aspect.

  • The equipment proposed will be designed and manufactured under high quality standard.

  • Backed by its 40 years’ experience in furnace building, Pyradia has developed the most perfectioned ventilation and heat distribution system. Thus, the temperature uniformity throughout the working area meets the strictest requirements.

  • With these exceptional performances, our ovens fully exceed the present AMS-2750E class II (TBC) requirements and will meet the tighter specifications of the future.

Pyradia® Light Alloy Heat Treatment

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