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Next decade is the peak season for China to construct the high-speed trains and railway system all round the country. It is challenging us to develop high-speed bearing system for trains capable to run over 160Km/h, 250 Km/h up to 350Km/h.

Materials, heat treatment processes and fatigue validation will be the most crucial to target the replacement of import. Railway wheels can now be produced with extremely wear-resistant tyres using specific material and treatment, extending the wheel life and increasing the time between inspections.

Heat Treatments also include the hardening and tempering (drawing) of rail clips and springs, and the case hardening of brake and engine components. Surface treatment, such as Sheradizing process (Zinc diffuses into the structure metal) , will be more popular to help the rail system structure parts having the longer anti-corrosion life time up to more than 50 years.