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New product development or product upgrade must recall the new material selection and new process design to cater for the requirement of better performance and lower cost. We are used to send the engineers to assist the customer to provide the equipment solution and develop the process to realize the mass production.
Material Analysis offers bespoke failure investigations to provide solutions to a wide range of problems encountered by the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and energy sectors. Through the application of metallurgic expertise, tailored sample preparation and a combined instrumental approach, issues symptomatic of structural defects, corrosion, batch inconsistencies or poor assembly can be detected and recommendations provided.
Service Scope:
    • Materials Selection
    • Process Development
    • Materials Analysis
    • Shop Management
Shop management is also in the scope of consulting service to help the companies of the commercial heat treating and surface finishing. Job shop management software will increase the productivity, make the company more efficient, improve overall quality, and upgrade the customer service. TS16949 will be highly recommended and we will instruct the customers to implement this system with the feature of job shop plants by more effectively customized courses. ISO9001 and AS9001 will be available on the requirement.
Materials consulting services are available from experts with years of industry experience.